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2003-  Vivien Lalu - keyboards
2005-  Simone Mularoni - guitars
2005-  Russell Bergquist - bass
2005-  Martin LeMar - vocals
2005-  Tom Diener - drums
2005  Ryan Van Poederooyen - drums
2005  Joop Wolters - guitars
2005  Russell Bergquist - bass
2005  Martin LeMar - vocals
2013  Virgil Donati - drums
2013  Mike LePond - bass
2013  Mike Andersson - vocals
2013  Marco Sfogli - guitar solo
2013  Jordan Rudess - keyboards solo
2013  Joop Wolters - guitar solo
2013  Jens Johansson - keyboards solo
2013  Peter Wildoer - vocals

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Vivien Lalu is a man with an individual vision when it comes to progressive metal and, much like Arjen Lucassen, seeks out the talent of others to see his ideas come to fruition. Fashioning his latest album Atomic Ark from his position behind the keyboards he presents himself like a new age Noah, gathering not two of every animal but instead has found an accomplished line-up of musicians to play out this technically driven voyage.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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