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Torchbearer - Biography




Torchbearer, a Black tinged Thrash / Death Metal outfit assembled in 2003 comprises Satariel vocalist Pär Johansson, also a campaigner of The Duskfall, Dawn Of Darkness and solo concern Belsemar. Joining the singer would be the Unmoored, Solar Dawn and Incapacity pairing of guitarist Christian Älvestam and drummer Henrik Schönström, alongside the Setherial, Impious, Ringhorne and Chaosdaemon credited guitarist Göran Johansson. Bassist Mikael Degerman is active with Satariel and has held membership of Strikeforce 666 and Dawn Of Darkness. Schönström also drums for Traumatized. The industrious Älvestam has an extended roll call of band endeavours such as Carnalized, Anduin '98, Evendim, Lord Of Thrones, Orgy Of Flesh, Sattyg, Red Skies Dawning, The Stink Bug Collective and Den Tidlȫsa Evigheten.

A debut album 'Yersinia Pestis', recorded at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden with Carnal Forge and Centinex guitarist Jonas Kjellgren acting as producer, was delivered in March of 2004. That same year Christian Älvestam would be found fronting Jonas Kjellgren's Scar Symmetry band for their 'Symmetric In Design' debut.

Torchbearer's second album, 'Warnaments', recorded at Panic Room studios with producer Thomas Johansson, saw release in April 2006 through Regain Records.
Christian Älvestam donated guest vocals to Zonaria's 2006 debut album 'Rendered In Vain', featuring on the track 'Attending Annihilation'. TORCHBEARER members re-assembled in March 2007 to commence work on a fresh album.

During late 2007 Christian Älvestam and Angel Blake bassist Anders Edlund announced the Swedish/Finnish Progressive Metal "supergroup" Solution.45, featuring in its ranks keyboard player Mikko Härkin, ex-Sonata Arctica and Kotipelto, second guitarist Jani Stefanovic, from Miseration and Essence Of Sorrow, guitarist Tom Gardiner, of Scorched Earth Tactics and Hateform, and drummer 'Stuka' (a.k.a. Rolf Pilve), of Essence Of Sorrow, Miseration and Dreamtale.

In early 2009 Christian Älvestam formed The Few Against Many alongside guitarist Patrik Gardberg, of Torchbearer, Divinefire, Ammotrack and Miseration, bassist Anders Edlund, of Solar Dawn, Incapacity and Solution.45, with Jani Stefanovic on drums, a seasoned veteran citing credits with Renascent, Trail Of Tears, Sabaoth, Essence Of Sorrow, Miseration, Sins Of Omission, The Weakening, Crimson Moonlight, Hilastherion, Divinefire, Solution.45, Am I Blood and Mehida.