Cauldron - Biography




Spawned out of the untimely disbanding of Goat Horn, Cauldron features Jason Decay (bass/vocals), Ian Chains (guitar) and Chris Rites (drums). We Chi's play straight up, rite heavy tit perv, beer swilling, bullet belting Metal. Metal that's both Heavy and Metal continuously, simultaneously


The high energy traditional heavy metal three piece have built a steady following while producing a fresh heavy metal sound built out of a passion and love for the genre, and a deep understanding of the elements that go into making memorable straight-up metal music.

Having already issued the 'into The Cauldron' EP to underground acclaim, the band is currently putting the finishing touches to their first full length, due for release in early 2009. The band's sound encompasses all the best elements of classic metal, with nods to old school NWOBHM and a focus on stand out riffs and sung vocals. Commenting on the band's new label home, Cauldron vocalist/bassist Jason Decay says:
"It's pretty alright. I always thought Earache was the best name for a record label, and as a kid I was actually a little disappointed when I found out that I didn't come up with it! But at least I get to be a part of it after all! It's also nice to be a part of a catalogue that includes some of my favorite records, like Carcass' 'Heartwork' and Cathedral's 'Forest of Equilibrium'. I'm right into it!"

Cauldron's Earache Records debut, 'Chained To The Nite', was released in early 2009.