Iskald - Biography




Iskald represents ice cold and crystal clear black metal from the land of the midnight sun. Iskald shrines like aurora borealis on the northern black metal hemisphere. Hailing from Sortland in the northern part of Norway, Iskald have crafted out what will most likely stand out as a future classic within the genre.

Fueled by the devotion to Norse mythology and the inspiration of arctic surroundings, founding members Simon Larsen and Aage Krekling, started up their black metal project, Iskald in early 2005. After a demo, the first EP Northern Twilight was completed by the end of the year. The EP was self financed and the pressing was limited to 400 copies and was soon to be a valuable collector's item.

In September 2006 Iskald entered Ballerina Audio (Vintersorg, Naglfar) to record their full length debut; Shades of Misery. In March 2007 the album was released by Indie Recordings. At its peak, Shades of Misery hits you like a snow blizzard, and at it most melodic - the brilliant riffs send ice cold shivers down your spine. The response from both press and fans all around the world has been outstanding so far.

After releasing Shades of Misery, the line-up was completed with session members Rene Zonneveld and Espen Solstad, resulting in some live gigs rest of the year...