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Deafheaven - New Bermuda

8.3 | 225 votes |
Release date: 2 October 2015
Style: Shoegaze , Atmospheric black metal, Post-metal


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01. Brought To The Water
02. Luna
03. Baby Blue
04. Come Back
05. Gifts For The Earth

The Best Metalgaze Album Of 2015

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14.11.2015 - 05:21
Pvt Funderground
Written by Guest on 14.11.2015 at 05:10

Written by Maco on 13.11.2015 at 21:06

His username is LuciferOfGayness...

You can read

No one knows I can read.
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
14.11.2015 - 09:04
Account deleted
Written by Maco on 14.11.2015 at 05:21
No one knows I can read.

He's on to you.

14.11.2015 - 21:11
Pvt Funderground
Written by Guest on 14.11.2015 at 09:04


He may be dancing to the rhythm of the best DSBM music while no one knows
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
22.11.2015 - 22:57
Rating: 8

I don't understand how a band with a song as full-on intense as "Come Back" somehow have ended up being a popular 'metal music for non-metal people' band, but hey, whatever floats people's boats.

I can hardly remember Roads to Judah, but I remember not liking it at all when it came out, and I don't think I was particularly impressed by Sunbather despite the furore, but I tried this out just to give them one more chance and I actually like it quite a lot. Can't remember Sunbather well enough to know what's different here, but compared to other bands such as Bosse-De-Nage, the soft parts feel like they have a lot more direction and purpose here than in some other similar bands, and between the typical tremolo-and-blastbeats parts and the mid-tempo 'Ecailles de Lune'-style bits, there's some really nice BM riffs in here.
01.07.2016 - 19:03
Rating: 9
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Yo update: this is still great
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
16.07.2016 - 10:35
Rating: 9

It's a good album. Could be better I think though.. but still worth it :-)
14.01.2019 - 16:02
Rating: 9
i c deaf people
According to the average rating, this is Deafheaven's most popular album on MS.
But no review, yet? How comes?
Anyway, it's - together with Dekadent's The Deliverance Of The Fall and Venera: Trial & Tribulation - the most uplifting and happy piece of music labeled 'black metal' in my collection.
Did I just use the terms 'happy' and 'black metal' in the same context?
Damn it, but at least I didn't say 'hipster black metal'.
Oops, now I did.

Fav: 'Brought To The Water', fell in love with it right after exactly 40 seconds.
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