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Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times

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Release date: September 1993
Style: Black metal


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01. Walk The Path Of Sorrow
02. Dark Medieval Times
03. Skyggedans
04. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
05. Into The Mighty Forest
06. The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest
07. Taakeslottet

Sigurd Wongraven - vocals, guitars, bass
Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad - drums
Tord "Torden" Vardøen - keyboards
Håvard Jørgensen - acoustic guitars

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Moonfog Productions

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Troy Killjoy
Satyricon are one of the oldest of the Norwegian bands to form during the black metal boom of the '90s, helping to pioneer the sound alongside projects such as Burzum, Darkthrone, and Gorgoroth. Dark Medieval Times is the band's full-length debut, and it represents perfectly what black metal is all about.

published 14.01.2012 | Comments (12)

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25.01.2011 - 21:19
Rating: 10
₣rost Giant

Favorite album by Satyricon
25.01.2011 - 21:39

Well, this is the best Satyricon album, but out of the classic Norwegian BM bands, Satyricon are probably the most boring.
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26.09.2011 - 13:44
Rating: 9

Pretty good album. The quality of the production doesn't take away the fact that this remains one of satyricon's greatest albums.
02.10.2011 - 17:20

A timeless record. It's a pity Satyricon will never release anything comparable to this now.
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15.11.2017 - 15:35
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
BM classic, true bands sound, I hardly like their after next album work, latest was not so, even band has idea, philosophy behind, still this is best!
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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19.08.2021 - 14:45
Rating: 8
M C Vice
How different does the remastered version sound to the original. Both are on amazon, not sure which one to get.
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22.08.2021 - 02:45
all eyez on me
Written by M C Vice on 19.08.2021 at 14:45

How different does the remastered version sound to the original. Both are on amazon, not sure which one to get.

Both then see, I mean hear for yourself. Profit.
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