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1989-  Varg Vikernes - all instruments, vocals
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1993  Erik Lancelot - drums
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1992  Samoth - bass
1992-1993  Euronymous - guitars


1993 Aske [EP] 7.9
1991 Demo I [Demo] 6.4
1991 Demo II [Demo] 7
1992 Burzum [Demo] 7
1995 Burzum / Aske [Compilation] 8.6
1996 Dunkelheit [DVD] 10
1997 Gummo Soundtrack [VA] 9
1998 Burzum 1992-1997 [Boxset] 7.7
2002 Anthology [Compilation] 8
2004 Fenriz Presents: The Best Of Old School Black Metal [VA] 8.8
2005 Draugen - Rarities [Compilation] 7.6
2008 Anthology [Compilation] 7.6
2011 From The Depths Of Darkness [Compilation] 7.8
2013 Back To The Shadows [Single] 6.5
2015 Mythic Dawn [Single] 5.8
2015 Forgotten Realms [Single] 5.7
2015 Thulean Mysteries [Single] 5.6
2018 XIII [Boxset] 4
2019 In The Arms Of Darkness [Boxset] 4
2019 Thulê [Compilation] 3
2023 The Reincarnation Of Ódinn [Single] 7.2
1996 Dunkelheit 9

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Imagine this: During a weekend away from home, you decided to hit up as many fast food restaurants as humanly possible. But not just the major chains. You also make stops at all the small franchised take-out places that put the Triple Whopper to shame. You keep consuming and consuming until your stomach feels like it's been filled with bricks...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
The notorious Count is back with yet another addition to the black metal scene with his first English-titled album, Fallen. And while Varg's post-prison releases are a big deal just for the fact that a murderer's name is attached to the music,...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Let's not waste too much time squabbling over Vargs crazy antics. It's already surreal enough that there's a new Burzum out, let's not overload our poor brains. Belus, or the White God, has enough of Varg's magical touch to cause...
Review by Lucas ››
Exceptionally, this review will be special. This is not because I'm really lazy today, but because this new cd of the England label Peaceville, is a compilation of Black Metal produced by Mr Fenriz of Darkthrone. No rating, and no critics on the...
Review by Jeff ››

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