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Inborn Suffering


2002-  Stephane Peudupin - guitars
2002-  Thomas Rugolino - drums
2003-  Sébastien Pierre - keyboards
2006-  Laurent Chaulet - guitars, vocals
2009-  Mathilde Depernet - bass
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2002-2009  Emmanuel Ribeiro - bass
2003-2006  Loïc Courtete - guitars, vocals
2004-2006  Frederic Simon - vocals
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NA  Philippe Tyteca - backing vocals
NA  Héloïse Bernard - vocals
NA  Diane Bessis - flute
NA  Archchana Selvarajah - violin
NA  Manu Bougard - guitars

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Regression To Nothingness is the sophomore effort by les hommes du doom, Inborn Suffering. After taking several years off following the well regarded '06 release Wordless Hope these French doomsters (restating in case "les hommes du doom"...
Review by BitterCOld ››
France has a pretty strong underground doom metal scene going on and one these highly interesting acts coming from there have to be Inborn Suffering. Being a fan of their music since their demo days i can say that i was waiting for their debut album so...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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