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V8 Wankers

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


2000-  Lutz Vegas - vocals
2003-  Uwe "Schmuddel" Hoffmann - guitars
2008-  Marc De Vil - bass
2010-  Blind Ferenc - guitars
2010-  David Green (I) - drums
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2000-2007  Dirty Wanker Dick - drums
2000-2008  Rico "Sexy Wanker" Dandruff' - bass
2000-2010  Latino Wanker Vulcanus - guitars
2007-2008  Jojo - drums
2008-2010  Sasch "Sick Wanker" Terenci - drums
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Amateurs of beers, girls, rock "n" roll, tattoos, powerful cars? I have something for you. As you can see on the cover of the last album of the Germans of V8 Wanckers we're in front of some "tattooed" rockers who certainly come...
Review by Jeff ››
Once again it has come to a Tribute album, the kind of album you'll either love or hate.
Normally I'm not that fond of these kinds of albums, I think they are pretty useless, why gather an album with just covers? I mean, almost every band does...
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