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Savage Circus

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Country: Germany
Label: Dockyard 1

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Power metal


2004-2007  Thomas "Thomen" Stauch - drums
› 2012-  -//-
2007-  Jens Arnsted - bass
2012-  Michael "Mi" Schüren - keyboards
2012-  Thorsten "Toto" Hain - guitars
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2004-2011  Piet Sielck - guitar
2004-2014  Jens Carlsson - vocals
2004-2014  Emil Norberg - guitars
2007-2012  Mike Terrana - drums
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2006  Thomas Nack - drums
2006-2007  Jens Arnsted - bass

Latest reviews

No no mates, you're not listening the new or unreleased album of Blind Guardian, but the first album of Savage Circus the new band of Mr Thomen Stauch ex drummer of the Guardians. If I must confess that I like the music and the album in general,...
Review by Jeff ››
When a new band comes out and sounds just like an already existing band, chances are that they will be totally rejected by both the audience and the press.
But how is it when a member of a band leaves and creates a new band that sounds exactly like his...
Review by Malcolm ››

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