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1997-  Efraim Juntunen - drums
1997-  Jens Carlsson - vocals, guitars
2001-  Emil Norberg - guitars
2021-  Impaler - bass
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1997-2001  Pekka Kiviaho - guitars
1997-2019  Fredrik Hedström - bass
2005-2016  Daniel Sundbom - guitars
2016-2021  Fredrik Mannberg - guitars
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2000  Magnus Lindblom - guitar
2006  Piet Sielck - backing vocals

Latest reviews

Meanwhile, in a church in Sweden?
Review by tominator ››
Jens Carlsson and his mates are really productive. After a little break of some months after the release of the first album of Savage Circus, our guy is back with his original combo, Persuader. And as always, the band plays its really cool Power Metal...
Review by Jeff ››
I don't know other way to start my review than saying, What an ugly cover art for God's sake!! Ahhh that was liberating? just what my psychiatrist recommended.
Anyway, despite obvious esthetics problems, the sophomore effort of these young Swedes...
Review by Undercraft ››

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