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The band Persuader was formed in 1997.

The direction of the music was and still is Heavy Metal all the way, later with a more aggressive attitud. In 1998 the band recorded the demo "Visions and Dreams" which got some really good reviews from different magazines and internetzines.

LNP read about the band in Close-up magazine which after some negotiating led to a record-deal. In early 2000 the debut album "The Hunter" was recorded, and following the release the response was overvelming. Many good reviews and featurings as "Best Newcomer 2000" on various webzines things were looking very bright for the band. However, before it´s release, Loud ´N´ Proud Records were shutdown caused by economic difficulties. The album was only properly released in France through Nothing To Say, leaving the band with a higly acclaimed record that was virtually impossible to get hold of.

In 2001, due to personal differences, the band decided to move on without guitarist Pekka Kiviaho. However, Jens knew this guitarplayer from school (Emil Norberg) who we decided to audition. We all got along good from the start so the band wazs once again alive and kicking. A three song promo and a couple of gigs went by when in a twist of fate Jens read about the Young Metal Gods competition sponsored by Noise Int. and we sent the promo to them. We were voted number one in Europe and won the finals in Bochum/Germany in May wich resulted in the album Evolution Purgatory wich, as the debut album, won praisal from zines and mags around the globe.

In the wake of 2004 release 'Evolution Purgatory' and after a handful live appearances at festivals and concerts, Persuader found themselves going through some changes-

They switched the label to newly formed Dockyard 1and added a second guitarist, so Jens can fully concentrate on his role as a front man. They found a new wingman to Emil Norberg in longtime friend Daniel Sundbom.

Besides that Jens and Emil got asked to join, together with Piet Sielck, Thomen Stauch´s new Band Savage Circus.

After months of songwriting, recording and promotion the highly acclaimed Savage Circus debut album Dreamland Manor got released and it was finally time to start writing new songs for the follow-up to Evolution Purgatory.

'When Eden Burns´ takes off where Evolution Purgatory left off and sometimes feels like a mixture of the bands two earlier efforts, with passages reminicent of older trash and speed metal bands without sacrificing melody. So what has evolved since last time? This album has more diversity rythm and tempo-wise, the occasional growling vocals we heard on EP is more frequently used and it actually adds a nice flavor when used. Besides that there has been made a big step production-wise with crystal clear mixing and a rawer feeling to the sound.

Songwriting duo Emil Norberg and Efraim Juntunen found themselves mixing all kinds of styles varying from black metal riffings to sweet piano interludes, Kreator-ish guitars and modern sounding choruses into the the unique Persuader sound the band has always strived for. And what about the Blind Guardian influences we heard on previous albums? Yes, they are still there but with a seemingly not so appearant and more personal touch to it.

-We´ve always wanted to incorporate different sounds, structures and ideas we have and have it make sense somehow. Thats what we have always enjoyed doing and will continue to do with Persuader", guitarist Emil says.

For the recordings Persuader opted for a different solution this time recording guitars and bass themselves, vocals at Piet Sielcks Powerhouse and drums and final mixing/mastering in their hometown studio Toontrack. This proved to be a working concept allowing the band to work a lot with the sound on their own before the final mixing stage where every separatly recorded thing was assembled together.

So, in conclusion, is this a step forward for Persuader as a band? Most certainly, if you give this album your attention you will know what I´m talking about. Catchy choruses, agressive riffs topped with Jens Karlsson trashy raw vocals.

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