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2000-2023  Ricardo Confessori - drums
2000-2023  Luis Mariutti - bass, vocals
2000-2023  Hugo Mariutti - guitars
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2000-2006  André Coelho Matos - vocals
› 2018-2019  -//-
2001-2006  Fábio Ribeiro - keyboards
2007-2013  Léo Mancini - guitars
2007-2013  Thiago Bianchi - vocals
2007-2013  Fernando Quesada - bass
2012-2013  Junior "Juninho" Carelli - keyboards
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2023  Rodrigo Oliveira - drums
2002  Michael "Miro" Rodenberg - keyboards
2002  Derek Sherinian - keyboards
2002-2003  Sascha Paeth - guitars
2002-2003  Tobias Sammet - vocals
2003  Andreas "Andi" Deris - vocals
2003  Michael Weikath - guitars
2005  Amanda Somerville-Scharf - backing vocals
2007  Guga Machado - percussion
› 2010  -//-
2022  Herbie Langhans - additional vocals


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Ricardo Confessori cleaned up the house in 2006, remaining the only active member of Shaman due to "musical differences" with former band mates André Matos, Hugo & Luis Mariutti and Fabio Ribeiro. After posting two studio releases since...
Review by Dream Taster ››
I will always remember the split of Angra, damn it was one of my favourite band but well when I think about it now, when I see the different releases of the two bands, I don't feel so bad actually. "Ritual" was a good first release with...
Review by Jeff ››
"Ritualive" is the first live album of the "new" band of Angra's former members Andre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori with in addition Luis' brother, Hugo Mariutti as a guitar player. After their first album "Ritual",...
Review by Jeff ››

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