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1996-  Abel Camargo - guitars
2018-  Victor Emeka - vocals
2019-  Otávio Quiroga - drums
2019-  Bruno Godinho - guitars
2021-  Thiago Baumgarten - bass
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1996-2005  Savio Sordi - drums
1996-2010  Marco Panichi - bass
1996-2012  Diego Kasper - guitars
1997-2017  Iuri Sanson - vocals
2005-2017  Eduardo Baldo - drums
2010-2016  Benhur Lima - bass
2012-2017  Renato Osorio - guitars
2016-2017  Ivan Beck - bass
2018  Guga Munhoz - guitars
2018  Martin Estevez - drums
2019-2021  Alexandre Panta - bass
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Has it really been 20 years since Hibria formed? Many of us discovered them with the release of their explosive and monumental 2004 debut, Defying The Rules, which was already a culmination of several years' hard work and demo releases. Aside from...
Review by Susan ››
Hibria is the new KILLER band from Porto Alegre Brazil. I have the luck to listen to a lot of CD every month but believe me it's hard to find a lot bands of such high quality especially in the classic Heavy Metal scene. You understand me, Hibria...
Review by Jeff ››

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