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1987-  Fredrik Thordendal - guitars, synthesizers, backing vocals
1987-1992  Jens Kidman - guitars, vocals
› 1992-  -//- vocals
1989-  Tomas Haake - drums, spoken words
1992-  Mårten Hagström - guitars, backing vocals
2004-  Dick Lövgren - bass
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1987-1989  Niklas Lundgren - drums
1987-1995  Peter Nordin - bass, backing vocals
1998-2001  Gustaf Hielm - bass
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1995-1998  Gustaf Hielm - bass
1995-1998  Gustaf Hielm - bass
2017  Per Nilsson - guitars

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Vildhjarta ended 10 years of silence with last year’s Måsstaden Under Vatten; however, just after the apprentice has made a comeback, the master returns.   Review by musclassia ››
Call it whatever you want, math metal, technical death metal, whatever else you can think of to call this kind of music - but Meshuggah are back in fine form with another album of skull crushing metal. Meshuggah are as heavy as ever before, for anyone...   Review by Baz Anderson ››

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