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Hanoi Rocks


1979-2008  Michael Monroe - vocals
1980-2008  Antti Hulkko - guitars
2001-2008  Kari "Lacu" Lahtinen - drums
2005-2008  Ulf Conny Blomqvist - guitars
2005-2008  Andy Christell - bass
2008  George "Jolle" Atlagic - drums
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1979-1980  Nedo - drums
1979-1980  Stefan "Stefu" Piesnack - guitars
1979-1985  Nasty Suicide - guitars
1980  Kimmo Hirvonen - drums
1980  Peki Sirola - bass
1980-1982  Gyp Casino - drums
1980-1985  Sam Yaffa - bass
1982-1984  Nicholas Dingley - drums
1984-1985  Terry Chimes - drums
1985  René Berg - bass
1985  Timo "Timppa" Kaltio - bass
2001-2003  Costello Hautamäki - guitars
2001-2004  Timpa Laine - bass
2004  Stevie Klasson - guitars
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1984  Bob Ezrin - keyboards, percussion, backing vocals

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Let's rock because the Glam rockers of Hanoi Rocks are back this year with a new album! Despite what a lot of people believe, the guys of Hanoi Rocks aren't American but come from Finland! Their career has started in 1981 with the album "Bangkok...
Review by Jeff ››
Whatever someone may say about say about Hanoi Rocks and Michael Monroe, the artistic persona behind this Finnish glam/hard rock colossus, will never be enough. One of the most influecial and most unique acts of the 80s for sure, with a various sound...
Review by KwonVerge ››
After their legendary and highly influencial debut album, "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks", Hanoi Rocks returned one year after, during 1982, with their second full-length attempt, "Oriental Beat". With this release they...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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