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Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 2002

2002-Industrial metal


2002-  Alexander "Alexx" Wesselsky - vocals
2002-  Jochen Seibert - lead guitar, programming
2006-  Jürgen Plangger - rhythm guitar
2010-  Dominik Palmer - bass
2011-  Achim Färber - drums
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2002-2006  Felix Homeier - guitars
2002-2007  Maximillian Schauer - keyboards
2002-2011  René Greil - drums
2004-2006  Michael "Miguel" Behnke - bass
2006-2008  Martin Motnik - bass
2008-2010  Olli Pohl - bass
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2007-  Maximillian Schauer - keyboards
2010-2011  Sebastién Angrand - drums
2010  Rob Vitacca - vocals


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The industrial metal act Eisbrecher (ice breaker) managed to return during 2010 with its 4th full-length up to date, Eiszeit (ice age), a tiny bit more "commercial" step dare I say and in my humble opinion it will appeal to a wider audience...
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"Antikörper" is not the first album of Eisbrecher, but I suppose that, like me, you will discover this band through this album. For sure, the fact that a label like AFM chose to do its distribution is a big step in the career of this German...
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