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The Answer

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Napalm Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2000

2000-Hard rock


2000-  Cormac Neeson - vocals
2000-  Paul Mahon - guitars
2000-  Michael Waters - bass
2000-  James Heatley - drums


2005 Keep Believin' [EP]
2008 Never Too Late [EP] 9
2014 New Horizon [EP]
2005 Never Too Late [Single] 9
2006 Into The Gutter [Single]
2006 Under The Sky [Single]
2006 Come Follow Me [Single]
2007 Be What You Want [Single]
2011 Nowhere Freeway [Single]
2011 Vida (I Want You) [Single]
2013 Spectacular [Single]
2014 Spectacular (World Cup 2014) [Single]
2015 Gone Too Long [Single]
2022 Blood Brother [Single]
2023 Want You To Love Me [Single]
2007 Under The Sky 7
2009 On And On
2009 Tonight 6
2013 Spectacular 7
2014 New Horizon 5
2015 Red 7
2015 Gone Too Long 8.5

Latest reviews

At this point in their career, The Answer should have been a much bigger act than they were; rather than perpetually building their reputation step by step, the band should have been going to bigger and better things in leaps and bounds. It is unfortunate then that without this, the wave having not crashed on the shore and instead being reliant on a continuous momentum to carry it forward until it could break, that New Horizon comes along and slows this momentum, leaving the band lost at sea though visible on said horizon.
Review by omne metallum ››
When you have the chance to be the opener act of AC/DC world tour, there are only two reasons. Or you have a really good manager or you're talented. The Answer probably has a good manager but believe me, if they're touring with the legendary...
Review by Jeff ››
Listen! If you like Hard Rock and use to watch That 70s Show all day long, well to sum up, if you're believe that the music was better 30 years ago, I have good news for you which come from Ireland. "Rise" is the first album of The Answer,...
Review by Jeff ››

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