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Splattered Mermaids

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Country: Sweden
Labels: Bizarre Leprous Production
Morbid Generation Records

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Formed in: 2005
Disbanded in: 2015

2005-2015Brutal death metal


2005-2015  Martin Schönherr - drums
2005-2015  Johan Hallberg - guitars
2005-2015  Johan Bergström - vocals
2007-2015  Martin Eklöv - bass
2008  Martin Pedersen - vocals
2013  Pablo Balderas - vocals
2013  Reef - vocals
2013  Yannick Ophorst - vocals
2013  Jason Keyser - vocals
2013  Paolo Pieri - vocals
2013  Kriz Ramirez - vocals

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A mermaid, a mythical and wondrous creature, and all of a sudden you realise one is lying in front of you on the floor. You see, the problem with this mermaid is that it is dead. It is more than dead, it has its brain flopped over the floor, it's...
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