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Country: Chile
Labels: High Roller Records
Doomentia Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006-Doom metal


2006-  Felipe Plaza Kutzbach - guitar, vocals
2009-  Claudio Botarro Neira - bass
2009-  Francisco Aguirre - drums
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2006-2009  Daniel Pérez Saa - bass
2008-2009  Francisco Vera - drums
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2009  Uno "Piranha" Bruniusson - drums
2011-  Joel Lindholm - bass
2014  Rasmus Schmidt - drums
2013  A.A. Nemtheanga - narration

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Procession is one of the most exciting doom metal bands of the last decade and if you think they reached their peak with the two full-length albums that preceded Doom Decimation, well, you've got another thing coming.
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Originally released on vinyl in December of last year and finally seeing its release on disc at some point a month and change later, Procession's full-length debut, Destroyers Of The Faith is now, finally, out.

Cult Of Disease, the Chilean doomsters'...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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