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Blut Aus Nord

425 fans
Also known as Vlad (1993-1994)

Country: France
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

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Formed in: 1994

1993-Atmospheric black metal
2003-2017Industrial metal
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1993-1994  Vindsval - all instruments, vocals
› 1994-  -//- guitars, keyboards, vocals
1994-  W.D. Feld - drums, electronics, keyboards
1994-  GhÖst - bass
1995  Ogat - bass
1996  Ira Aeterna - bass
2003  Taysiah - vocals
2003  Nahaim - guitars
2014  Gionata "Thorns" Potenti - drums

Latest reviews

Nearly 30 years into their run, Blut Aus Nord sure aren’t running out of ideas anytime soon.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Since the ending of the 777-trilogy, it seems that Blut Aus Nord has been on a road of reinvention. Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses brings something new. Something sinister.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››
Advance statements for Hallucinogen regarding its sound appeared to imply that it would be the start of a considerably new direction for Blut Aus Nord. And so it is.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
A new Blut Aus Nord album inevitably raises anticipation high among black metal fans. Why is this, exactly?
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Blut Aus Nord is a band that often works in trilogies. And just like they’re currently in the process of closing another trilogy, let’s look at how they closed the best one in the past.
Review by RaduP ››

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