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Terra Tenebrosa


2009-  Hibernal - all instruments
2009-  Risperdal - all instruments
2009-  The Cuckoo - vocals
2016  Vindsval - vocals
2016  Alex Stjernfeldt - bass

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There's not much that can be easily understood in the bizarre, nightmarish world of Terra Tenebrosa. Then again, perhaps there's not much that's really meant to be. After two full lengths and an EP, fans of the band may eagerly be wondering what the next step is, and if The Reverses provides any clues that make the picture these eerie Swedes paint any clearer. Come, children, and we shall find out by traveling through the rabbit hole yet again. And by "rabbit hole," I mean vortex.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Terra Tenebrosa relish in their own secrecy and sound of mystique. Through mask and hood the band view things in an uncompromisingly dismal light and what we get from their music is something which you know just should not be there, yet there it is. The avant-garde expression of The Purging isn't exactly becoming to all listeners, especially considering the difficulty in linking comparisons, yet its self assured character is well manifest.
Review by R'Vannith ››

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