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2008-  Giannis K. - guitars
2008-  Stavros K. - guitars
2008-  Thodoris P. - bass
2011-  Irene P. - vocals
2013-  Stefanos K. - drums
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2008-2010  Kostas P. - drums
2008-2011  Vaggelis X. - vocals
2010-2013  Elias N. - drums
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‘Allochiria’ is a medical condition, in which sensation is felt at a different point on the body from the one that is stimulated. Allochiria’s Commotion is a post-metal album that uses different tactics and stimulates in a somewhat different way than albums of the style usually do.
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Greek post-metal isn't something you hear of every day, and Allochiria are the nation's leading exponents.
Review by R'Vannith ››

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