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2002-2016  Niko Rauhala - vocals, guitars
2002-2016  Janne Juutinen - drums
2003-2016  Markus Kekoni - guitars
2004-2016  Jussi Kulomaa - keyboards
2005-2016  Marko Kolehmainen - bass
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2002-2004  Mikko Viheriälä - keyboards
2002-2005  Arto Tissari - bass
2003-2004  Jari Tiura - vocals
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2002  Rami Keränen - vocals
2006  Elias Viljanen - guitar solo
2006  Antto Tuomainen - samples

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Many albums can have the backing of solid performance yet fail to leave a lasting impression; the skills at hand outweighing the songwriting and ultimately leading to a finished product which is largely unremarkable. Full of crunchy leads and modern stylings Masterstroke's Broken is likely to fly well under the radar of many heavy metal fans. Which is really unfortunate as this has some aggressively punchy guitarwork of the kind which berates the ears of those familiar with Nevermore.
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Masterstroke are a young band from Finland, and this is their second Demo, and as any Demo, is short, is concise and serves to let the people know what's the band all about.
So, what's Masterstroke all about? Well they're all about Heavy...
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