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Cardinals Folly


2007-  Count Karnstein - vocals, bass
2012-  Nordic Wrath - guitars
2014-  Battle Ram - drums
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2007-2009  J. Von Lustig - guitars
2007-2013  Sebastian Lindberg - drums
2009-2012  Sami Rautio - guitars
2012  Willie Budsko - guitars
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2014  Aleksi Olkkola - drums
2022  Matt Close - guitars
2022  Holden Caw - drums
2023  Jani Snellman - organ

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I'm not going to lie, I've spent tens of minutes staring at that cover artwork, trying to decipher what in the hell is going on there. Unfortunately for Cardinals Folly, the cover artwork is more captivating, and leaves a longer lasting impression than the music.
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