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Blues Pills


2011-  Elin Larsson - vocals
2011-2019  Zack Anderson - bass
› 2019-  -//- guitars
2014-  André Kvarnström - drums
2019-  Kristoffer Schander - bass
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2011-2012  Cory Berry - guitars
› 2012-2014  -//- drums
2011-2018  Dorian Sorriaux - guitars
2012  Jonas Askerlund - drums
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2014  Robert Wallin - piano, organ
2014  Joel Westberg - percussion
2016-  Rickard Nygren (I) - guitars, organ
2016-  Rickard Nygren (I) - guitars, organ


2012 Bliss [EP] 7.5
2013 Devil Man [EP] 8.4
2014 Live At Rockpalast [EP] 7.6
2011 Blues Pills [Demo] 7.8
2012 Black Smoke [Single] 8
2012 Bliss [Single] 7.5
2014 Gypsy [Single]
2014 High Class Woman [Single]
2014 No Hope Left For Me [Single]
2015 Blues Pills Live [Live] 8
2016 I Felt A Change [Single]
2016 Lady In Gold [Single]
2016 Golden Treasures [Compilation]
2017 Lady In Gold - Live In Paris [DVD] 8.5
2020 Proud Woman! [Single] 6.5
2020 Low Road [Single] 7

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Psychedelic rock has always been a diverse and creative musical niche, the more upbeat and rhythmically infectious examples of the subgenre usually facilitating the modus operandi to which its fans would stereotypically respond with: "whoa, groovy vibes." When a band lives and breathes the general ideals that held sway over rock music as exemplified from the mid-60's to the mid-70's, and manages to make it seem as if this time has come all over again through sound waves instilling euphoric nostalgia, you know you've hit something hippies would consider gold, if they had any materialistic interest in shiny metals. The feeling of an entire decade has been conveniently, colourfully and convincingly compressed into one audible pill, a first full dose this Swedish based band has self-labelled as Blues Pills.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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