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2000-  Magnus Pelander - guitars, vocals
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2000-2003  Ola Henriksson - bass
› 2004-NA  -//-
2003-2005  Jonas Arnesén - drums
2004-2012  John Hoyles - guitars
2006-2011  Fredrik Jansson-Punkka - drums
2012-2015  Simon Solomon - guitars
2012-2015  Tom Jondelius - guitars
2012-2015  Oscar Johansson - drums
2015-NA  Rage Widerberg - drums
2015-NA  Tobias "Tobbe" Anger - bass
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2002  John Hoyles - guitars
2002  Jens Henriksson - drums
2012  Anton Sundell - effects

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Lay down your soul to the gods, rock and roll!

Cronos's demonic Lemmy impersonation, the punky buzzsaw riffs, the flailing percussion, the ridiculous evil imagery - Black Metal is far from perfect, but thrash, death, and black metal would be very different without it. It's a legend, it's a landmark, and no matter what you say, I'd much rather write a review of that album than the new Witchcraft.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Fuck Satan, let's just take drugs!

...or at least that is what the dudes from Witchcraft should have said, instead of spreading their attention thin between the two. One of the wonderful things about metal music is that it is not tied down to any...
Review by jupitreas ››

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