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Siena Root


NA-  Sam Riffer - bass
NA-  Love Forsberg - drums
NA-  Erik Pettersson - organ
NA-  Joe Nash - vocals
NA-  Matte Gustavsson - guitars
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NA  Janet Jones Simmonds - vocals
NA  Mikaela Samuelsson - vocals
NA  Jackan - guitars
NA  Sanya - vocals
NA  Sartez Faraj - vocals, guitars
NA  Martin Linder - vocals
NA  Chrissi Jost - vocals
NA  Maxi Dread - vocals, guitars
NA  Cecilia Ringkvist - vocals
NA  Anna Myrsten - vocals
NA  Tia Marklund - vocals, guitars
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NA  KG West - guitars, organ, sitar
NA  KG West - guitars, organ, sitar
NA  Anna Sandberg - wind instruments
NA  Tängman - hurdy gurdy
NA  Jonas Myrenberg - mandolin
NA  Lappen - harmonica
NA  Stian Grimstad - sitar
NA  Martin Stensson - violin
NA  Martin Budiskovschi - monocord
NA  Anurag Choudhari - bansuri
NA  Evami Ringkvist - vocals
NA  Erkan - flute, guitars

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Welcome to the future, weary time-traveller from the past. Surely it's been a long and arduous journey for you, so why don't you lay back and relax and let us take care of the entertainment. We know you come from the golden age where monsters of heavy rock were born and prospered, and we've just the right thing that you'll find comfortably familiar and a sound to which you are well accustomed. We present you with Siena Root's newest album Pioneers.   Review by Ivor ››

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