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2000-  Stefano Ghersi - vocals
2002-  Flavio Magnaldi - bass
2002-  Stefano Ghigliano - drums
2007-  Andrea Bailo - guitars
2010-  Giacomo "Jack" Poli - guitars
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2000-2009  Morgan Ferrua - guitars
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2010  Brandan Schieppati - vocals

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The new album of the Italians members of Stigma is one new other releases of Powerful Death Metal mixed with hyper melodic choruses. All in all I could describe this album as the perfect crossover between Death, Metalcore and Gothenburg Death. This is...
Review by Jeff ››
Last year, I wrote the review of the first Demo of Stigma, a young and aggressive combo from Italy. The demo was really good and promising, maybe not perfect regarding the recording, but it was original and yeah I was expecting something good for their...
Review by Jeff ››