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Alessandro Staropoli


1993-2006 Rhapsody - keyboards (as Alex Staropoli)  
2006- Rhapsody Of Fire - keyboards (as Alex Staropoli)  

Guest musician

2021-2022 Orden Ogan - orchestration (as Alex Staropoli)  


05.12.2021 Rhapsody Of Fire
09.12.2013 Rhapsody

Personal information

Also known as: Alex Staropoli
Born on: 09.01.1970

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Alessandro Staropoli (born 9 January 1970 in Trieste, Italy) is the keyboard player, composer and (together with Luca Turilli) co-founder of the Italian symphonic metal band Rhapsody of Fire. He does the orchestral arrangements in all the band's songs.

Alex and Luca met in 1990 during a course in mental techniques (how to have more control of your own mind), and together they started the band Rhapsody of Fire in 1993.

When Alex was a child he was mainly interested in nature, mountains, forests and lakes. At the age of nine he got his first piano and began to study its basics, and at the age of fourteen he bought his first electric guitar. After meeting Luca, but before the creation of Rhapsody of Fire, he bought a Korg 01/W pro keyboard, a model he still uses.

Solo Project

Alex has started working on his first solo album with his brother Manuel, who is also featured on every Rhapsody of Fire album playing the baroque recorder and flutes He has stated that he is writing the songs together with Manuel, and that he is aiming for an album using more heavy metal elements than the orchestral style of Rhapsody of Fire.