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Javier "Chino" Retamozo


1995 Rata Blanca - keyboards  
1997 Rata Blanca - keyboards  
2002- Alakran - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 13.02.1972

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He starts his career in 1988 with LZ2 , a hard rock band led by Martín Knye. In 1989, he is chosen as the fourth best keyboard player of the Argentinian hard rock scene in the annual poll carried out by "Metal", a local magazine. After a that, he takes part in Reaktor, where he records his first album "Reaktor" in 1990. Three years later, he leaves Reaktor to join Rata Blanca.

For the next five years, he devotes his efforts to record "Entre el Cielo y el Infierno" (Between Heaven and Hell) and "Rata Blanca IV" (White Rat IV), being the first recorded in Spain during an international tour which included The USA, Mexico, Portugal, Peru, Brazil... and sharing stages with legendary bands such as AC/DC, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More, among many others. In 1995 and 1996 he is chosen as the best local keyboardist by "Metal" magazine. After Rata Blanca's break up, at the end of 1997, he joins "Rivendel" a Queen Tribute band.

In 2002, he is invited to take part in another legendary band in their get-together: Alakran . In 2003, he creates "Perpendicular", a Deep Purple tribute band. During that year, he is called on by Guillermo Sánchez (Rata Blanca's bassist) to take part in a brand new proyect: Mala Medicina.

In December 2007 he performed as a backing band member for a Graham Bonnet show in Buenos Aires.

With Reaktor
* 'Reaktor' - 1992

With Rata Blanca
'Entre el cielo y el infierno' - 1994
'Rata Blanca VII' - 1997

With Mala Medicina
'Mala Medicina - 2004'
'A Pura Sangre - 2007'