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Dave McClain


1982-1984 S.A. Slayer - drums  
1984-1985 Juggernaut - drums  
1992-1995 Sacred Reich - drums  
1995-2018 Machine Head - drums  
2018- Sacred Reich - drums  

Guest musician

2019 David Ellefson - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 24.10.1965


Dave McClain (born Octomber 4 1965, in Wiesbaden, Germany) is the drummer for noted Bay Area metal band, Machine Head. He joined the band when Chris Kontos left shortly after their first album, Burn My Eyes. He was formerly a member of S.A.Slayer (not to be confused with the California-based Slayer), Riot off-shoot Narita, Turbin (feat. original Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin), Catalepsy, Murdercar (feat. noted producer Ross Robinson), Ministers of Anger, and Sacred Reich.

McClain differs from many metal drummers because, as well as drumming with consistent speed and power (no mere feat given four songs on Machine Head's latest album, The Blackening, last more than nine minutes) he also incorporates a creative variety of uncommon rhythms for a metal drummer, using the double-bass drum pedal to great effect along with a very select drum kit and cymbals. McClain is considered by fans to be an underrated drummer, because despite his notable deviation from traditional metal drumming- McClain is mainly unknown in the drumming community.