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Tom Hunting


NA Repulsa - drums  
1980-1989 Exodus - drums  
1989-2000 Angel Witch - drums  
1994-1995 Sexoturica - drums  
1997-2005 Exodus - drums  
2003 Angel Witch - drums  
2007- Exodus - drums  

Live musician

2013 Heathen - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 10.04.1965

Tom Hunting is an American drummer, famous for his work with the band Exodus. He played on their first three albums, Bonded by Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh, and Fabulous Disaster. Hunting later left the band due to illness in 1989 and was replaced by John Tempesta.

In 1996, he reunited with Paul Baloff, Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt, and new bassist Jack Gibson for the Another Lesson in Violence tour.

In 2005, he, along with Steve "Zetro" Souza, and Rick Hunolt left the band. Tom was replaced with drummer Paul Bostaph, who had left Slayer when Dave Lombardo rejoined the band. Later, in 2007, Tom rejoined the band when Bostaph left to rejoin Testament. He has said that he is great friends with Bostaph.

He is one of only two original members of the band along with Gary Holt.