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Sean R. Jenkins


1999- Divinity - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 23.09.1981

I began my musical career in Grade 7 when I learnd how to play the trumpet. After a couple of years I found myself in jazz bands and wind ensambles playing music all the time. I then happend to hear some Metallica and was instantly hooked. I gathered up as much money as I could and got a guitar (it was a piece of crap). I figured out how to play the beginning of 'One' and fell in love with guitar and heavy metal.

Every spare moment I had during high school was spent in my parents' basement jamming on riffs and forming songs with my friends. After another year of bangin' away in my parents basement we had found a new guitarist named James Duncan and that's when we decided to take Divinity into the live scene. We got our own jam pad off in the industrial area of Calgary, Alberta and found a bass player named Bruggy. We started playing live shows in "Battle of the Bands" type shows at the local venues in town.

Over the next few years we went through many more changes and added new drummer Brett Duncan. It was not long after that when we recorded our first 5 song EP 'Intensify' at SOS Pro Audio. We worked hard on everything and went through more changes yet again. This time I decided to put the guitar down (on the stage only) and focus more on vocals. We still wanted the dual guitar sound and found Sacha Laskow.

After writing 3 new songs 'Strain' 'Chasm' 'Methodic' in the new formation, we realized that we had begun to really develop an intense sound that we were looking for. Then we wrote 3 more songs 'The Diarist' 'Modern Prophecy' 'NeuroTyrant' and demo recorded them at JRV Studios. Again, we found ourselves expanding and improving in many different ways. We decided to write 4 more songs and create a full length album.

Over next 2 years, we found Nick Foster and recorded, produced, financed all the aspects of creating a full-lentgh album. Each member of the band would take on responsibilites that suited his strengths. Together we have created 'Allegory' and will tear apart the scene with its release.