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Otso Silakka


1997-2010 Amoral - guitars  
2009- The Nibiruan - guitars  
2011- Dead Shape Figure - guitars  
2012- Shear - bass  

Personal information

Also known as: Silver Ots
Born on: 30.06.1983

My musical history starts from the year 1993 when I saw the movie "Last Action Hero". In there was a song called "Big Gun" by AC/DC. That song had a huge impact on me and I became a big AC/DC fan with a friend of mine, who then got an electric guitar and learned some AC/DC and Guns and Roses riffs. I remember the moment he played "Sweet Child O'Mine", I said to my mom I wanted a guitar too!

I got my first guitar for Christmas of 1997. Only riffs I could play somewhat correctly were Hard as a Rock and Smoke on the Water! At the same time some a few other friends of mine got also into playing and not long until we had a band of some sort going on. Two of those guys were Ben and Juhana and the three of us have been "jamming" till these days. Other members have changed along the way and at some point the band also got it's name and here we are!