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Juhana Karlsson


1997-2017 Amoral - drums  
2008- Shear - drums  
2008- Crystal Blaze - drums  
2010-2012 Tornado - drums (as Juhana "Starvin Marvin" Karlsson)  

Live musician

2005 Elenium - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Juffi, Starvin Marvin
Born on: 10.06.1983

I started playing drums at the age of 13, because it just felt so damn fun thing to do. Luckily I haven't lost that feeling yet! In the first years it wasn't so serious, just gathering with friends every now and then to play some simple stuff like punk music. Little later I got interested in metal, especially extreme metal with blast beats and fast double-bass. I realized that if I want to play like that, I have to start practicing regularly. And that's exactly what I did - between the years 2001 and 2006 I practiced almost all the time, mainly to improve my speed & stamina to be able to play metal music consistently. At some point in 2006 I realized that I don't have to do it every day anymore to keep up with it, so nowadays I have a more laid-back approach to practicing; instead of keeping watch on how many minutes I can play double-bass to a given tempo, I'm widening the stuff I play towards different styles and various independence exercises to become a more well-rounded drummer. So I'm still practicing pretty much, but I'm not seeing it as some kind of a struggle or competition any more; after all it's about having a good time and enjoying yourself!