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Eduardo "Edu" Falaschi


1992-1998 Mitrium - vocal  
1993-1999 Venus - vocals  
1998-2000 Symbols - vocals  
2001-2012 Angra - vocals  
2006- Almah - vocals  
2015- Edu Falaschi - vocals  

Live musician

2011 Kamelot - vocals  

Guest musician

2003 Hangar - vocals  
2004 Genius: A Rock Opera - vocals  
2009 Krusader - vocals  
2010 Soulspell - vocals  
2010 Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland - vocals  
2015 Anthropia - vocals  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - vocals  
2017 Arena (BRA) - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 18.05.1972
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Eduardo Falaschi (born on May 18, 1972 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian singer best known for his work as lead singer and songwriter with the São Paulo based band Angra. His first solo album, Almah, was released in 2006 featuring a number of guest vocalists.

When he was one year old, their parents moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he lived until the age of 12. Some factors went into his mother decision to move back to São Paulo, and then São Vicente, including the death of his father.

Falaschi's first experience with music began as a child. Some of his relatives were non-professional musicians, and he used to sing with his father and uncles during family meetings.

By the time he was 14 years old, he got a guitar which gave him the opportunity to start guitar lessons, and since then his musical interest started up. Although he was strongly influenced by the singers Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson, Falaschi decided to play instrumental songs instead.

He even played the drums for six months in a blues band with his friends, and he also played bass and guitar in a cover band where he started singing backing vocals. In the second semester of 1989, he was invited by school friends to join a band as a singer to play at a music contest. They recorded a demo tape and played for 5,000 people. The band got third place in this festival, and subsequently some of the band members decided to start a rock band where they played their own songs, and that's how Mitrium started back in 1990. That was Falaschi's first professional band as vocalist and composer. In 1991, they recorded their first demo tape with the song "Just Remember". Afterwards, they recorded the second demo with the songs "The Shadows" and "You Can Choose The Side of Darkness", both written by Eduardo Falaschi.

The band grew up really quickly in São Vicente, so they decided to look for opportunities in São Paulo where they signed a record deal with a record company which released a split-LP called "Eyes of Time" with four tracks: "Eyes of Time", "Run From the Fire", "Lives So Close" and "The Shadows", all of them written by Falaschi. By that time, the album received several compliments by the specialized press and the band achieved a higher level, being considered one of the best metal bands of São Paulo.

In 1994, the heavy metal band Iron Maiden was looking for a new singer through an international contest sponsored by the band, resulting in thousands of tapes being sent in by would-be rock stars. With the increasing recognition of Mitrium, Falaschi had the chance of taking part in the contest. Unexpectedly, he was one of the selected singers from Brazil and later from all around the world, getting in contact with Dick Bell, production director of Iron Maiden Holding LTD. Unfortunately, the band has decided not to pick Falaschi.

In spite of the professional career success, on August 5, 1994 Falaschi was forced to leave Mitrium due to personal problems, but he kept playing just for fun with his friends, and later recorded a demo, with 8 simple rock n' roll songs, with a band called Opium.

Eduardo Falaschi decided to take a break for almost four years. In the middle of 1998, he was invited by the band Symbols to produce their first album. The leader of the band was Tito Falaschi, his brother. Falaschi ended up producing the album and also being a member of the band. While, their first album self-titled "Symbols" was being released, he was invited to perform in the album "Ordinary Existence" by Venus.

In 2000, Symbols released their second album called "Call To The End", selling an expressive number of copies both in Brazil and abroad.

The Brazilian band Angra was looking for new members, and after a trial among other vocalists, Falaschi was invited to join the band in 2001 and is the current vocalist since then.

In 2006 he released his first solo album entitled Almah and is currently touring Brazil with the band.

-Rebirth (2001)
-Acid Rain (2001) - single
-Hunters and Prey (2002) - EP
-Temple of Shadows (2004)
-Wishing Well (2004) - single
-Aurora Consurgens (2006)
-Aqua (2010)

-Symbols (1998)
-Call to the End (2000)

-Ordinary Existence (1998)

-Almah (2006)