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Steven John Wilson


1987- Porcupine Tree - guitars, keyboards, vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
1987- No-Man - vocals, guitars, keyboards (as Steven Wilson)  
1994- Bass Communion - all instruments (as Steven Wilson)  
1996-2001 Incredible Expanding Mindfuck - all instruments (as Steven Wilson)  
2000-2014 Blackfield - vocals, guitars, keyboards (as Steven Wilson)  
2003- Steven Wilson - all instruments, vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2011- Storm Corrosion - keyboards, vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2014 Steven Wilson & Mariusz Duda - guitars, keyboards, vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2015- Blackfield - vocals, guitars, keyboards (as Steven Wilson)  

Studio musician

2000 Opeth - guitar, keyboards, mellotron, backing vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2001-2003 Opeth - vocals, guitars, keyboards, mellotron (as Steven Wilson)  
2010 Orphaned Land - keyboards (as Steven Wilson)  
2014 Opeth - backing vocals (as Steven Wilson)  

Live musician

2016 Orphaned Land - vocals, guitars (as Steven WIlson)  

Guest musician

1994 JBK - guitars  
1994 Richard Barbieri/Tim Bowness - guitars  
1995 Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri - guitars  
1995 Mick Karn - guitars  
1997 JBK - guitars  
1997 Indigo Falls - guitars  
1999 Fish - guitars  
2003 OSI - vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2004 Vidna Obmana - guitars  
2007 Dream Theater - spoken word (as Steven Wilson)  
2007 Fovea Hex - guitars  
2007 Jordan Rudess - vocals (as Steven Wilson)  
2009 Aviv Geffen - guitars, vocals  
2010 Pendulum - vocals  
2011 Memories Of Machines - guitars, keyboards  
2014 Tim Bowness - guitars, drums  
2016 Paul Draper - guitars, mellotron, synthesizers (as Steven Wilson)  
2017 Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter - vocal chords  
2021 Paul Draper - vocals  


10.04.2009 Steven Wilson
01.01.2008 Porcupine Tree

Personal information

Born on: 03.11.1967
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Born in Kingston Upon Thames, London, England (but brought up in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England from the age of 6 Wilson discovered his love for music around the age of 8. It began one Christmas when his parents bought presents for each other in the form of LPs. His father and mother received Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon and Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby, respectively. The young Steven spent much of his childhood listening to these albums in "heavy rotation", as he once commented.

Both LPs would influence his future song writing. He claims " retrospect I can see how they are almost entirely responsible for the direction that my music has taken ever since." His interest in Pink Floyd led him towards experimental/psychedelic conceptual progressive rock (as exemplified by Porcupine Tree and Blackfield), and Donna Summer's trance-inflected grooves inspired the initial musical approach of No-Man (Wilson's long-running collaboration with fellow musician and vocalist Tim Bowness), although the band would later develop a more meditative and experimental Talk Talk-esque approach.

As a child, Steven was forced to learn the guitar, but he did not enjoy it; his parents eventually stopped paying for lessons. However, at the age of 11 Wilson rescued a nylon string classical guitar from his attic and started to experiment with it; or in his own words, "...scraping microphones across the strings, feeding the resulting sound into overloaded reel to reel tape recorders and producing a primitive form of multi-track recording by bouncing between two cassette machines." At the age of twelve, his father, who is an electronic engineer, built him his first multi-track tape machine and a Vocoder so he could begin experimenting with the possibilities of studio recording.