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Anita Auglend


1996-2001 The Sins Of Thy Beloved - vocals  
2007- The Sins Of Thy Beloved - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 24.02.1979

Anita Auglend (born February 24, 1979), is a Norwegian singer and is the lead vocalist of the gothic-doom metal band The Sins of Thy Beloved.

After both albums' publication, 'Lake of Sorrow' (1998), and 'Perpetual Desolation' (2000), Anita Auglend left the band in 2001 along with their keyboardist Anders Thue, according to the rumors, because she couldn't keep the concert's rhythm.

But in 2007, The Sins of Thy Beloved announced Anita's return to the band in their official website.