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Fred Coury


1984-1985 Chastain - drums  
1985-1994 Cinderella - drums  
1996-2014 Cinderella - drums  

Live musician

2009 Lynch Mob - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 20.10.1966
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At age 5, Coury started taking violin lessons. At age 6 he participated in his first public performance. Between the ages of 7 and 9 he studied at the Beirut Conservatory of Music in Beirut, Lebanon. At age 10 he added the trumpet to his repertoire. Finally, at age 12 he started to play the drums. By the tender age of 13 he was playing local bars with Sunjammer. At age 14 Coury saw Keith Moon and The Who perform in Toronto, Canada at CNE Stadium. This was the moment where Coury realized that performing and being a professional drummer was what he really wanted to do. Spending hours each day in his basement with a friend (who pretended to video tape the action) and Kiss music blasting through the speakers, Coury pretended that he was filming a music video long before MTV became a reality. While many in his neighborhood told him to stop dreaming and get a real job, he was encouraged by his close friends to carry on. In just five short years at the age of 19, Coury returned to CNE Stadium to perform with Cinderella.