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Americo Rigoldi


2003- Solid Vision - keyboards  
2006- Dominici - keyboards  

Studio musician

2013 Lucio Manca - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 25.05.1979

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Born in Cuzco, Perù on 05/25/1979, Americo began to study violin when he was seven years old at the Cagliari Academy of Music "Pierluigi da Palestrina". He decided to switch from violin to piano and then to Yamaha Electric Organ winning the "Italian Electronic Instrument Contest" in his class of 1993 and 1997. In 1998 he began to study keyboards full time and in summer 2002 he met up with SOLID VISION during one of the band's live shows. After a few months he joined the band and he played on the first CD, "ELEVEN" (2004) and later on "THE HURRICANE" (2006). In the spring of 2006 he read in an article on the internet that Charlie Dominici was looking for a band for his new " O3 A Trilogy " project. He immediately informed the band about the news. The band sent Charlie the SOLID VISION CD's and was later contacted by Charlie to work on a demo. This project, started by former DREAM THEATER singer in 2005 with Part 1 , was continued with Part 2 (InsideOutMusic 2007) and was ultimately completed with Part 3 (InsideOutMusic 2008).