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Fernando Ribeiro


1989- Moonspell - vocals  
1998 Dæmonarch - vocals  

Guest musician

1997 Rotting Christ - vocals  
2001 Root - vocals  
2001-2003 Thragedium - vocals  
2004 The Temple (POR) - vocals  
2005-2006 Assemblent - vocals  
2006 Alkateya - vocals  
2011 Ibéria - vocals  
2013 Chaostar - vocals  
2016 Theatres Des Vampires - vocals  
2020 Tomorrow's Rain - vocals  
2023 Liv Kristine - vocals  


14.07.2009 Moonspell
10.05.2006 Moonspell - Memorial
06.01.2004 Moonspell

Personal information

Born on: 26.08.1974


Fernando Ribeiro (born 26 August 1974, Brandoa, Lisbon) is a Portuguese musician and poet, responsible for vocals and lyrics of the dark metal band Moonspell, under the nickname Langsuyar. Fernando studied philosophy in the University of Lisbon, but did not graduate. Apart from being a musician, he has been involved in literature, having already written three poetry books ("Como Escavar um Abismo" [2001], "As Feridas Essenciais" [2004] and "Diálogo de Vultos" [2007]) and one short stories book ("Senhora Vingança" [2011]) in Portuguese. He is also responsible for the introductions of a short stories compilation and a biography of H. P. Lovecraft (both also in Portuguese).