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Santiago Villalba


1999-2010 Viuda Negra - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 17.08.1979

Born on august 17th, 1979 in Quito, at the age of 10 he felt a big interest on learning to play the electric guitar. He started to have his first experiences with this instrument and decided music to become his way of living.

In 1993 he created his first band and he understood the need to have an own style and fill the music deficiencies that would leave his past experiences and that is why in 1995 he decided to improve his guitar technique, harmony and improvisation through private classes.

In 1998 he created “’Artica” a progressive instrumental band hat would become an approach to be part of Viuda Negra on January 1999 when with Santiago Sylva they decided to bring the Viudas back to life in a moment when it was almost disappearing.

On the year 2000 he got into the Contemporary Music Institute where during 4 years he enlarged his knowledge in the different areas of theoretical and practical music, becoming a Professional Musician graduated with “Cum Laude” honors on February 2004.

Nowadays he manages his own Music Institute and is a formal teacher. Trying to have himself actualized he assists permanently to Seminars taught by recognized musicians. He also has some other music projects besides Viuda Negra.