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Camillo Wong "Chino" Moreno


1988- Deftones - guitars, vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
1994- Team Sleep - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
2011- Palms - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  

Studio musician

2011- Crosses - vocals  

Guest musician

1996 Korn - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
1998-2000 Soulfly - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
1999 Sevendust - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
2008 Norma Jean - additional vocals (as Chino Moreno)  
2015 Lamb Of God - vocals (as Chino Moreno)  

Personal information

Born on: 20.06.1973

Chino Moreno (born Camillo Wong Moreno) is an American musician. He is the lead singer and back-up guitarist in Deftones and Team Sleep. Moreno was born in Sacramento, California to a Mexican father and a Mexican/Irish/Native American/Chinese mother; the latter being the origin of his Spanish nickname "Chino" (a nickname given to Latinos with Asian features), which means "Chinese" in Spanish. He was the third of five children. He has two sons of his own, Kristian and Jakobi, with his wife Celeste. The Deftones were quite close with Dana Wells (the stepson of Max Cavalera from Sepultura & Soulfly) and when he died, Chino was one of the pallbearers at the funeral.

In speaking about his often ambiguous yet image-heavy poetic lyrics, Moreno has been quoted: "[Sometimes] my lyrics don't deal with specific topics. I write down on paper the feelings of the moment, it's not easy to explain the contents of the lyrics or give a logical sense to the words. What I write is also a reaction to the music we make, so the Deftones' sound is not pop, it doesn't communicate happy feelings. Paradoxically my favorite songs of the album talk about love, in a clearly different view." Despite this, Chino has been known to write songs about social issues such as racism, prostitution, urban violence, and drugs. However, even these songs can be rather vague and cryptic.
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