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Mikko Lindström


1995-2017 HIM - guitars (as Lily Lazer)  
2001- Daniel Lioneye - vocals, guitar (as Lily Lazer)  

Personal information

Also known as: Lily Lazer
Born on: 12.08.1976

Mikko Viljami Lindström (born August 12, 1976) is the lead guitarist of the Finnish rock band, HIM. Lindström is commonly called by his nickname, Linde.

Lindström was born near Helsinki, Finland and during his childhood, his father (Olli) worked as an engineer and his mother (Riita) as a stewardess on Finnair, the national airline. Linde also has a younger brother named Jude, who was born four years after Linde. Linde was an introverted boy notable only for his bobbed blond hair and glasses. He developed a passion for music at an early age. Lindström's father has always been an avid music fan and especially loves Elvis Presley. Lindström was given his first guitar, an acoustic mini Landola, for Christmas at the age of 10. Himself and keyboardist Burton are the only current members of HIM who do not have a heartagram tattoo. He has a daughter named Olivia, born March 6, 2003, with his common law wife, Mariam "Manna" Jäntti. Linde skipped playing Top of the Pops to be there when his daughter was born; thus, Valo appeared singing and playing a Gibson Flying V.