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Iraklis Loukakis


2004- Reflection - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 26.02.1983

Iraklis Loukakis was born in the 26th of February 1983 in Athens, Greece. He started his musical studies at the age of ten taking his first piano lessons. It was his tutor (his sister) Maria Loukaki that showed him the path and gave him passion for music. He started listening to classical (Czerny being his favorite) and some rock music. At the age of fourteen he started taking church music lessons that he kept taking for four years. When he was fifteen he started playing guitar without taking any formal lessons. But three years later his hunger for musical knowledge led him to his guitar tutor Filippos Sklavenitis that mentored him for two years. At the age of twenty he started practicing the drums and still does under the guidance of his drum mentor Jim Kotsiris. He has performed live and recorded various instruments for many bands through the years. In 2004 he joined Reflection as a keyboardist and backing vocalist and has been a full member since then, playing both live and recording with them.

Interests: Music, Cinema, Motorcycles.

Music: Almost anything but mostly Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Classical and anything that makes his heart beat faster...

Iraklis Loukakis plays mostly Korg Triton Extreme 88 Keyboards and Korg Karma.