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Jan-Chris de Koeijer


1989-2009 Gorefest - vocals, bass  

Guest musician

1995 Ayreon - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 20.10.1966

"Tie an oar behind your back and keep walking until someone says "hey, what's that funny thing on your back," that's when you're far enough from Yerseke."

These wise words, spoken by my then boss at an oysterfarm where I was employed, have always served as my most important life-lesson. Sorry dad, although your "exaggerate everything they say about you" was pretty good too! That must have been somehere around '85, when I bid my final farewell to the fair mussel town of Yerseke, where after a complicated pregnancy I first saw the light of day on October 20th 1966.

Not to say that Goes was anything of a metropolis, but back then it had a great Live club, 't Beest (the Beast). I saw many great gigs there, not to mention it had an actual punk scene of which I became a part right away. It was here I took my first steps towards a musical career as bassplayer in hardcore punk outfit Sjolmord, together with fellow youngsters Stefan de Kroon (nowadays bassplayer in racoon) and überpunks Joosse (vocals) and Schijf (guitars). Sjolmords roots were equal parts vintage UK punk and US bands like DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Government Issue etc. Gradually I started getting into bands like Kreator, Sodom and Agnostic Front who were more metal but also a lot more intense. And that's what really mattered to the (then still) young de Koeijer… I remember gladly staying home while most of my friends went to see Metallica in the days of And Justice For All. I honestly couldn't be bothered! It was also during this time I befriended a lanky fellow named Frank Harthoorn who frequented the local recordshop. I used to label him "that hardrocker", whereas to him I'd been "that punk" for a good year.

Long story short, filled with great plans to become world famous (well, in Goes anyway) we started Gorefest on an unholy Thursday night in November '88. In the beginning the line-up was completed by Alex van Schaik on guitar and Mark Hoogendoorn on drums. The latter two were replaced by Boudewijn Bonebakker and Ed Warby and the party was ready to start! I had some fantastic years with Gorefest until late '98, when the pressure of personal problems made us decide to throw in the towel.

The following years I devoted myself to the (mostly) studio-project ColdPopCulture, together with fellow "Goessenaar" Iljan Mol. It was a huge challenge and a great and fun learning experience, especially because it had nothing to do with metal. But… blood is thicker than water and mid 2004 the first signs of a possible Gorefest reunion appear when for the first time in almost 6 years we're having a beer together in my living room. And I have but one thing left to say: The Fest is back!

Bio from official Gorefest website.