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Todd La Torre


2010-2013 Crimson Glory - vocals  
2012- Queensrÿche - vocals  
2018-2019 Queensrÿche - drums  
2020- Todd La Torre - vocals, drums  

Studio musician

2016 Dark Matter (USA) - vocals  

Guest musician

2010 Jon Oliva's Pain - backing vocals (as TLT)  
2012 Tommy Vitaly - vocals  
2019 Walls Of Blood - vocals  
2020 Methodica - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: TLT
Born on: 19.02.1974

Official Website

Todd La Torre's attraction to music began with his first drumset at the age of seven. His formal training with the acoustic guitar began at ten. Todd continued with both drums and electric guitar throughout highschool, where he was a member of the school band and local rock bands. He began writing music at just fourteen and continues to this day. While trained at an early age at both, he went on to specialize with drums and vocals.

Todd was raised in a primarily musical family and was exposed to all genres of music, finally favoring heavy and progressive metal. His approach to writing stems from his lifes experience, heart and soul. "I want my lyrics to make people think, even after the song is over". He believes although other instruments are tools which create mood, nothing delivers like an emotional voice. Knowing this, Todd's passion for singing was assured.

Essentially unknown to the mainstream progressive metal scene, Todd La Torre spent 24 years earning his stripes and solidifying himself as an unquestionable talent behind the drum kit of various hard rock and heavy metal projects in the Tampa Bay Florida area; however his vocal aspirations went largely unfulfilled until in 2009, when Matt LaPorte (Jon Oliva's Pain), who had only heard La Torre sing on a few occasions, mentioned to Jon Drenning(guitarist) of Crimson Glory that he might make a nice addition to the already stellar lineup of performers the band had accumulated for their headlining concert performance scheduled for September 13, 2009. Todd made his first public appearance with Crimson Glory at ProgPower USA X as one of seventeen guest performers (including Wade Black, vocalist on the Astronomica album and subsequent European tour, and David Van Landing, who replaced Midnight briefly for the Strange And Beautiful US Tour) paying tribute to Midnight, the band's original singer. Midnight passed away late last year due to long-term health complications. After the tribute show, Drenning and La Torre remained in contact with each other, with occasional jam/songwriting sessions. It was only a short time later that La Torre found himself at the band's rehearsal studio, and the pieces began to fall into place. On April 29, 2010 the legendary progressive heavy metal pioneers Crimson Glory announced Todd La Torre as the new singer/frontman to lead them into the future.

Due to the wide skepticism of having a vocalist do justice to the Midnight era songs, Todd has recorded his vocals on the original tracks to showcase his ability to do just that. Crimson Glory has not and will not be rerecording any of the classic albums; the new vocal recordings were for promotional purposes only. The response from the Crimson Militia was nothing short of overwhelming; the fans have their band back with a vocalist who is eerily similar to Midnight, but with his own individual sound. With the lower vocal range of Peter Steele, the vibrato of Bruce Dickinson, and the gritty high ranging screams of Halford, Todd delivers more than one sound to the mic.

In May 2012 it was announced that original Queensrÿche members Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson, along with Parker Lundgren and Crimson Glory frontman Todd La Torre formed a band called Rising West (named after a lyric from the Queensrÿche album The Warning), playing songs from the first five Queensrÿche albums only. The first Rising West shows took place in Seattle at the Hard Rock Café on June 8 and 9, 2012,selling out both nights.

In June 2012, Todd La Torre was officially named the new vocalist for Queensrÿche. Touring plans are to be announced.

On February 7, 2013 Todd officially resigned from Crimson Glory due to the bands inability to maintain writing sessions and inactive status.

(Source: Official website, 5.5.2013)