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Ladislav Křížek


1985-1987 Vitacit - vocals  
1985-1987 Vitacit - vocals  
1987-1989 Citron - vocals  
1989- Kreyson - vocals  
2001 Citron - vocals  
2009- Vitacit - vocals  
2015- Citron - vocals  

Guest musician

1989 Running Wild - backing vocals  
1991 Running Wild - backing vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Ladislav Krizek
Born on: 24.04.1963

Official website

Date and place of birth:
24.4.1963 in Louny
Including in band: vocal
How did you get to Kreyson and what does Kreyson mean for you ? Kreyson was and is my fulfilment dream and I'm so much happy, that at the present dream I can sing near so perfect musicians
Musical education: life
Hobbies: work in studio and especially mastering
Favourite bands: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and I had to name more
Favourite musical style: Rock´N´Roll & Blues
Favourite musician: Ian Paice - drummer band Deep Purple and now I dare to tell, that present drummer of the band Kreyson - Zdenek Pradlovsky
Musical example: Rob Halford
Favourite food marinated beef tende
Drinking: coca - cola
Film: Armagedon
Sport: formula 1
Animal: Rù-enka - my dog
Bad habits: smoking
I don't like: fools
Favourite colour: blue and also all studio Kreyson is tuned in blue colour
Hobbies: studio and mastering
Civil status: married
Ideal woman: Ta-ána, my wife
Life's creed, which you follow: submission
Your biggest wish: to spend life with splendid people, as are in Petarda