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Boudewijn Bonebakker


1992-2009 Gorefest - guitars  

Guest musician

2007 The Project Hate MCMXCIX - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 16.04.1968

I was born and raised in the town of Goes. I dreamt of becoming a rock star from my early childhood years on. The "tennis racket and mirror" combination are no strangers to me. In my sixteenth year I bought my first guitar from the money I earned delivering newspapers. This Les Paul imitation set the mood for my choice of guitars later on. Due to my preoccupation with writing songs, I was not very successful at high school. I formed garage rock band with my friends to indulge on my dream. The band 'gets as far as' playing a one off opening act for Giant Sand. During the year of my second attempt to finish school, I was asked by my later Gorefest predecessor, Alex van Schaik, for a punk/metal/rock-type band. This group didn't last very long though. After a completely failed high school career I moved, aged 18, to Breda to try and succeed in an education for social worker. At the same time I played with a.o. Stefan de Kroon (Racoon, Sjolmord) and Bert Hansens (Hannibal) in the Stooges-like band 'the Yamahamamamas'. The Yamahamamamas cease to exist and another band emerges from the Breda squatters/artist scene. With this band, named LOOD, the music became more serious and extremely loud. Violence and self-destruction were important themes in this industrial/noise band. LOOD took its influences from the music of Big Black, the Birthday Party, Rollins Band and Voivod. In this period I chose for music as a living and left everything else behind, literally. Sadly the band crashed prematurely (during a tour through former Yugoslavia just a month before the civil war) due to clashing personalities. It is now 1991, and I reported myself at the Gorefest camp to fill in the place left by Alex.

Tired and disappointed after the break up of Gorefest, I chose for a rigorous change in my musical live. After a year of preparation, which really had it's start during the last months of Gorefest's existence, I followed a full course education in classical guitar at the Tilburg conservatory. I successfully managed to get my degree and focussed myself on teaching. But blood is thick and when I was being asked to commemorate my main rock hero, Phil Lynott, in 2003 on his date of death, I seized the opportunity to hook up again with my buddy Ed Warby. Bassist Peter Vink and singer/guitar player Ross Curry completed the project named Live and Dangerous. The resulting concert was being visited by Frank Harthoorn and the Gorefest reunion seemed not that far away anymore (with a big thanks to the wise words of advise by Arjen Lucassen). Five months later Gorefest are rehearsing and writing new songs.

Bio taken from Gorefest official website.